Let’s Get It Started…


Monica Iphone 017

Let’s Get It Started, in here…

 And the base keep runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’, and… 

So I will set free my inner sport soul… the brain side that speaks only Sports! 😉

As you can read in my About page, I like almost all type of Sports, but I am really into Football or Soccer as is called in the US, I still can not get use to that name, so probably I will keep calling it  Football more than once… I have never played it, I suck at it, I am bad, like painful bad hahaha I tried it once just for fun but ohhh boy I have zero feet coordination, but the weirdest thing is that I have a very good coordination when it comes to dancing 😉


I rock the dance floor… and apparently I am very into peace and love lol!!

The World Cup is the biggest event in Football around the World and my goal! I am working for that and then I will wait for the miracle to happen! lol… It was during the World Cup in 1990 that I got a full understanding and knowledge of the game, and there is when my real admiration and love for it went to another level, more educated and more passionate too…

I have to confess,  I was getting into full adolescent you know the time when you start to see boys and start to pay more attention if they are cute or not, so yes I started to follow some players base in a purely womanly and superficial reason, they were hot back them and they are hot now!!… I know if you are guy you’re probably saying… arggggg… well don’t judge me, in my defense I was getting into full puberty and yes I am just a girl with eyes, brown eyes and what could I do, they are athletes and they have perfect bodies, but that was just an eye catcher the rest of it is an admiration for the sport and for the abilities of those handsome players. A pure love for the game, the strategies, the different ways to see it and to approach a match!! I just love it all 🙂


FIFA Balon D’Or, Dream XI of 2012

So expect a lot of soccer posts. I’ve been following the Spanish La Liga for many years, I think is one of the best leagues around the globe, the Champions League is another pleasure that I like to talk about and from a couple of years ago I started to sneak peek at some other leagues too… Then I’ll try to share a bit about other sports, Basketball, which I played and now The knicks have brought me back to the NBA Nation. I love Tennis,  I have never played it, but it is in my bucket list, one day I will learn at least how to hit the ball and send it above the net hehe…

Monica's pic camera 002

Exhibition: Sampras vs Agassi at the Madison Square Garden…. way way from up top!

There you have it, I know… I know, I am in the USA and of course here American Football is the deal, give me sometime, I’ve been learning and I am getting better, so I might include some things about it, let’s see if I can make some progress in that area…  feel free to teach me something!!

I have a tendency to write a lot, as you can see,  I have writing incontinence most of the time, but I am working on it ;S… I hope I won’t make you fall asleep and if I do, well this should be cheaper than an sleeping pill. lol

Thank for reading, I would love to hear about you and which sport you like, feel free we can debate or agree with this crazy but fun world! Don’t be shy!!

Meanwhile I leave you with today’s post theme song!!


PS; I don’t know why the pictures are so small… guess is the Blog theme, I will work that out, I can barely see me hehe —- Done  Now I can see clearly now!!

Pictures are mine © hehe, the players one is from FIFA.com, video from Vevo (Youtube BlackEyedPeasVEVO)


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