Sunday Funday!! Pre-Season games!!

Hello y’all!!

Let’s get into business!

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Today is a busy Sunday… as I mentioned before, I follow the Spanish league La Liga, if you know a little bit about it, you know the big names and the dominating teams in it are Real Madrid and Barcelona, it’s a very competitive League (Yes we can argue about it lol), with many other teams beside those two fighting to be on top each season, but we can agree that base on History, this two are the ones that stand up among the others, and if on top of that you add that they have one of the biggest rivalries in Football, that goes way back and also involves some politics… well you have one of the most entertaining scenarios!

But since they won’t face each other just yet… they both are trying to get into the best form and get the best players from the market as soon as possible to have a good pre-season that could give them the lead to start the season with a good forms!!


Let’s Start with Real Madrid is about to have their first pre-season friendly game against the modest A.F.C. Bournemouth a club playing in the second tier in the English Football.  This will be the first game for Carlo Ancelotti, who took the Team as the head Coach after Mourinho’s departures at the end of last season, Mou left the club  in the middle of a very weird and complicate relationship with the team or at least with some players, (I think Iker might have performed a happy dance after the announcement that Mou was heading back to the UK, just saying lol) But also a good part of the fans were loudly asking him to leave at any chance they had in the last home games at Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

According to @realmadriden their English official twitter account, the team won four out their seven friendlies last year, today they will play their first one during this pre-season, let’s see how they will do! This will be the first chance to see Ancelotti’s first Roster… interesting and exciting! We know by now that Irrallamendi, one of the latest transfers won’t be in the initial eleven..


It took a while and most probably a lot of negotiations but at the end Ancelotti started his first training session with his new team on July 15th after  their medical examinations… Most of the team was at Ciudad Real Madrid, the training facilities at Valdebebas, they were ready to start their  preparation for the 2013-2014 season, well almost all but the internationals that played the Confederation Cup in Brazil, they’ll  join the team after completing their vacations…




But Real Madrid new roster reinforcements for this 2013-2014 season were  definitely there;

Isco coming from Malaga was the first one to signed a 5 years contract to start a new Journey with the Whites.



Irrallamendi who comes from Real Sociedad, required a little bit more of negotiations and had all Real’s fan on suspense until he was presented as a new Real Madrid player, and will try to get a spot in the midfield.



This two transfers were the ones that causes the buzz in the White House, yes the one that is located in Madrid hehe  **bad Joke**  lol Working on that!

Some of the Latest additions are; Carvajal, who Real Madrid sold a year ago and now is bringing him back from Bayern Leverkusen, and  Casemiro who joined Real Madrid Castilla, Real’s second team during the winter market and now was officially bought from Sao Paulo and gets promoted to the first team for the next four seasons…



Real Madris is after Bale and pushing hard to get the money to see him wearing white next season, but in order for that to happen, they are selling all they can…First Callejon signed for Napoli in a good deal for the Whites, his transfer was for the double of money that the Club bought him in the first place, so we can called that a good sales transaction…. next on the goodbye list was Albiol who also signed for Napoli (Italy) and Negredo sold to Manchester City.


The ones that are close to sign their exit from the Club are Garay for Manchester United, Higuain (I’ll do a pause here, a moment of silent, I have always liked el Pipita, I think is one of the best in his position and I have always had faith that he was going to stay in the club, but that’s the sport world.  He definitely wants to leave, I just hope that Real Madrid won’t regret this, I know he still has some areas to improve… but well…oook pause off.. ) Napoli is interesting  and as now is very close to seal the deal,  Chealsea and Arsenal are also on the run too, but I guess we will have to wait to see which club will be his final destination, but for sure he will be miss among the fans… latest reports indicate that Coentrao is willing to leave the team too… As always a very moving summer, the transfers market is open and there is still plenty of time for more :/


I love how all this buying and selling players works during pre-season, some are real dramas unfolding and some other just get you by surprise, still entertaining…  let’s see if they will make it count in the real world meaning during the regular season and the real competitions, in Real Madrid wining championships is a must… not pressure at all!!


In a random note, I am such a huge fan of Zinedine Zidane, I think after Fernando Redondo who is my ultimate all time favorite player, I’ll share my reasons later, I think Zidane is an all time Legend that have played this beautiful game!!! So happy to see him starts his coaching journey,  wishing him the best and all success!! He will be the second in command and the right hand in Ancelotti’s coaching team!



Btw at the end it seems that Real Madrid won’t make a stop in New York after all speculations… bummer… 😦 (Tears!!) lol but they will visit some other cities in the States, I’ll post their US schedule soon!


Have fun if you are watching the game, I might skip this one, my national team will play later on against USA in the Gold Cup… we never win anything, we have good technic and some good players, but nothing major, but the fans are always there, like alwaysss, I guess faith is all hahaha!!

Thanks for reading feel free to share what you think about the transfers, and who you think will make it in Real Madrid…


PS… Yes we are still in suspense if Super tan Cristiano will renew his contract, my opinion is that he will, what do you think?


Picture from Real Madrid facebook page



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