Surprises!! Who will stand up in the Windy City??



If there is some kind of football or sport hangover, I might have woken up today a bit tipsy from all yesterday actions!

Some good surprises but let’s face it for others today was one of those horrible next morning hangovers, the ones you get after a sick party, like head spinning… and I don’t drink, I just know this facts because my friends have told me…. I swear!! Pinky swear!!

Today we’ll stay in our side of the pond!

The Gold Cup semifinals!! What a run… it was emotional,  we know CONCACAF it’s not the best confederation and for sure it’s not even close to be, but for better or worst depending on what country you live in, it involves our nations so it makes it closer to our dear hearts!


First on the lineup was USA – Honduras, interesting game, I thought that Honduras was going to be more difficult for the stars and stripes, but the USA made it look like it was so easy, they scored early in the first half (Eddie Johnson) and from then it was another story, they played with velocity getting to Honduras’ side of the Pitch fast and complicating their defense in every approach… I don’t know what happened with Honduras I thought they would have had more resources to give a little bit more of a balance fight or at least to make it look like it was a bit harder for the US… They were able to discount in the second half, but in less than a minute,  the Red, White and Blue was up in the score board again thanks to Landon Donovan who is at his best!

If you are an Honduras fan, believe me I feel you :(…  Painful to see you team losing so close to the final… but well there will  be more chances!! They had an amazing run in the tournament, all recognitions to “La H” getting to Semis, big congrats!!


And for the USA if it wasn’t clear enough, yesterday they made a very convincing statement, as today they are the strongest and best team in the tournament and probably in the region, again as of now…. I know Mexico has been or has held that title for a while but I think right now they should work out things if they want it back.  The USA is now in a win streak, I know in a Final it can go both ways, but they look strong to win this, and don’t forget that ahead of this tournament the next big thing is the World Cup Qualifications and this just make them stronger, Klinsmann has a vast pool of players now to face the final stage of the hexagonal!

Although I think he has to learn to control his emotions a little bit, he might not be in the final, because the referee sent him out yesterday, he got ejected from the game, there were some mix reports, even the CONCACAF itself wasn’t sure if he will be allowed to be in the Final or not… I’ll update it before Sunday. He apologized later “It was a reaction out of frustration,” he said. “It was not meant against the referee, against anybody. It was just frustration. I apologize for that.”… I mean his team was wining, basically he was in control of the game, and it was just a matter of time to be over and he protested a foul on one of his players… I get it if you are loosing and if you are like in desperate mode, but at that time, I think was a bad judgment and bad timing, even if you think the referee made a mistake, he put himself in that position, don’t risk it if you have already one and  half of the other foot in the Final… just saying…

Final result was USA 3-1 Honduras.


Next on the board, was Mexico- Panama this was the big surprise and what probably made more than one feel today like they just had their worst hangover… Everybody and probably even CONCACAf too wanted Mexico in the Final, it would have been a dream final, when Mexico moved to semifinals, and we saw an improvement in their game, which hasn’t been the best for a while, and the conversation will go on after last night, but well everyone thought we were getting ready for a dreamy scenario a final USA- Mexico,  they have been for a while probably the two stronger teams in the region, but then Panama said wait a second, this is not over until is over, and they just got themselves first row tickets to the Windy City, Chicago.

Panama scored early too, after an awful mistake from Mexico’s defense, Panama was fast and even though they didn’t get many chances, they were very effective, Mexico struggled once again, they were able to tie the game but couldn’t take the lead at any point and I think they never found themselves in that position, so despite the fact that most of the fans in that Arena were supporting Mexico, they just had to say good-bye to the tournament, and for sure there will be a lot of talking about the team, but mostly about their Coach, Jose Manuel de la Torre “El Chepo de la Torre”, his place in the team was already in question even before the tournament started and now, well we have to wait to see if this would have an impact in his continuity.

Final result Panama 2-1 Mexico.

Next… Chicago!! So I don’t want to brag about it, but well I’ll do it anyway haaaa….  I got it right!!!!! lol… Yes please a round of applauses or let’s shake it with some dance moves!!


I said it,  USA – Panama to the final, and that’s what we will have on Sunday, in Chicago, I just hope it will be an interesting and very entertaining full of emotions final!! That is what every football fan always wants! 😉

Anyway I tell you my prediction later on… I just want to have some suspense… buuuu… Seriously, I will let you know what I think and I will jump in the pool, with a score prediction!! Ahhhh…..

Thanks for reading, you are definitely very kind and very patience!! Thank you, thank you and thank you, if you too want to jump in the pool, hey just tell me in the comments who you think will win the Gold Cup and what the score will be… my sincere apologizes if you get it right I don’t have an award but you will have the unbelievable reward of telling everyone; haaaaa I just got it right or haaaaa I knew it!!! lol


Thank you, take care everyone!!

PS. When I started to write the post It was still Thursday!!… is 19 min of Friday now at least here in NYC haha… but I messed up the time in the post, don’t know how :/

Pictures thanks to We it, CONCACAF. CBS sports and (images)



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