Who will find Gold Today!! USA or Panama?

Hello hello!!


Gold Cup Final!!! Yes the scenario is ready in the “Windy City” Chicago!… The protagonist are already warming up at this moment, it is all set people, the Gold Cup final is here and about to kick off!!

I am exited, you know, I love Football and this has been a fun, painful (when my Selecta got eliminated) but overall a very entertaining, surprising at time (Yes Mexico is not in the final… in case you were wondering), but a fun tournament to watch!!

So now the last two teams standing, I have to say it, the best teams so far in the tournament!!


The United State of America (USA or USMNT)


What I think could be the key for the Red, White and Blue:

  • Velocity and ball movement.
  • Landon Donovan has made a difference in this team.
  • Attention on their defense.
  • Confident, they have played like they know they can win, and that it’s a burst of confident, you know what they said, you got to believe it to make it happen!



And their key to stop the USA possible party

  • Definitely a very  well organize defense.
  • Take advantage of their body strength and their counterattack.
  • Effectiveness, they did it vs Mexico, had five chances and scored two goals!
  • The passion they have to overcome the underdog label.

Here I go, ready to jump into the pool, my prediction: USA 3-1 Panama…. might the forces be with the best one or well with the one that scores more goals!! 🙂


As we mentioned on last post Jurgen Klinsmann was ejected during the Semifinal game vs Honduras and was waiting to hear from CONCACAF, well the answer came back a bit later than expected, but I think it was not a good answer for him, all coaches want to be there in the Pitch supporting and moving their puzzle during a Final, but he will have to do it a bit far away from the bench and the field.

Pictures thanks to Google images, @JeffreyCarlisle Espn journalist on twitter, and @LuisOmarTapia Commentator for Univision (He is one of the best!!) twitter account!


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