Friendly Games and some dance moves!



It’s all about friends and Friendly games between the European clubs, they are getting close to finish their pre-season tours, getting ready for regular season can be a challenge for some, but at least they entertain people in many places!

AC Milan's El Shaarawy shoots and scores his second goal against Cagliari during their Serie A soccer match at San Siro stadium in Milan


Today is a busy day in Miami,  LA Galaxy 0-2 final result vs AC Milan and now Real Madrid vs Chelsea this one with a little bit of an old history behind, but overall should be a nice and fun day!! Lucky fans in Miami, yesterday a Calcio clasico Inter1-1 (9-8 penalty) vs Juventus… I should consider moving to Miami or at least traveling there next summer…you  had all the fun this pre-season!!


Look who visited Real Madrid training in Miami;

 12593_10150439075924953_2108858736_n 1097948_10150439077649953_1711316890_n

Paolo Maldini and ‎Shevchenko‬ two Legends of this Sport!!

And now I officially can say I am old!!…  I watched them, when both were active players, everytime that I see a former player now as a coach or retire I said to myself “wow you’ve been watching Football for too long now”  or maybe not enough, but it’s always nice to see a former player, it brings back old but nice memories!! I grew up watching them play, so always a nice feeling… taking aside the getting old part lol


 And people went crazy in Bangkok with Barcelona, they play vs Thailand’s national team and at least the fan enjoyed watching their Barça idols because the result was to forget for their national team. (Thailand 1-7 Barcelona) Kudos to the player that scored that goal hehe…. This was all about exhibition and Camp Barca gave them a real show!



Neymar scored his first goal, a good way to start and to show he is recovering from his health issues after his arrival to Barcelona.

 2013-08-07_THAILANDIA-BARCELONA_07-Optimized_v1375886543 2013-08-07_THAILANDIA-BARCELONA_05-Optimized_v1375886538

 This is football!!


So let’s enjoy it!!

 I’m leaving you with some dance moves from Djokovic after Rogers Cup Win… I have to say, nice moves!! lol Let’s start getting into US Open tennis mood… soon

Thank for reading, I am ready to watch Real Madrid vs Chelsea final!!… Who will win?? If you want you can follow on Twitter @MonikJherrera

Pictures from Real Madrid official Facebook,,,, video from user 103greatgoals


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