The road to Lisbon starts today!! UCL



The Champions league is about to start!! First Match for some teams is today, and for the rest is tomorrow!!

So excited!

Today this is what we will be looking;

Group A

Man. United (Flag) Man. United
Leverkusen (Flag) Leverkusen

 Real Sociedad (Flag) Real Sociedad

Shakhtar Donetsk (Flag)Shakhtar Donetsk

Group B

Galatasaray (Flag) Galatasaray
Real Madrid (Flag) Real Madrid
København (Flag) København
Juventus (Flag) Juventus

Group C

Benfica (Flag) Benfica
Anderlecht (Flag) Anderlecht
Olympiacos (Flag) Olympiacos
PSG (Flag) PSG

Group D

Bayern (Flag) Bayern
CSKA Moskva (Flag) CSKA Moskva
Plzeň (Flag) Plzeň
Man. City (Flag) Man. City
Let the fun begging and let the ball start rolling!! Lisbon is the goal!!
Thanks for reading, and later my thought on first matches!!… Working in CONCACAF WC post also… so I’ll be back soon, but now I am watching Real Madrid  vs Galatasaray, which team are you supporting or watching?
P.S blocked the video buuuu…. so I took it down, you can only see it in their pages… whatever ;/
Thanks to KIckTV for the picture,  the, the teams schedule of today is from!

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