Brazil or not Brazil!

Hello there!


It’s all about to be or not to be, in this case Brazil or not Brazil, the second leg of the play-off  are taking place throughout the day, for many countries this is it. Today is their last chance to get a ticket to the most amazing Football tournament, the World Cup 2014.

You can add Ghana and Algeria in the Brazil qualified teams roster, 28 so far, they won their tickets early today.


France is 2-0 at this moment vs Ukraine, Les Bleus need to win this match, they lost they first leg match 0-2 vs Ukraine which left them out of Brazil,  Aggregate result is 2-2, all tie, France is alive and still with plenty of time, they need to win to qualify…


Sweden is 2-1 vs Portugal right now, this is an interesting game you have Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal as their top player and you have Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the Sweden side, both player competing for the Ballon d’Or, aspiring to be recognized  as the best player of the world. One of them will make it to Brazil and unfortunately the other will have to watch it on TV… The result from the first leg match was Portugal 1-0 Sweden, let’s see how this one will unfold, dramaaa… As of now Portugal is in Brazil, but again there is still plenty of time,  Sweden needs to win this game.

The rest of the European play-off Croatia is 2 – 0 Iceland (Aggregate 2-0) and  Romania is 1-1 Greece (Aggregate 2-4)



Mexico and Uruguay will play tomorrow, El Tri have a very early morning game at least in my local time, 1:00 am haha… Both have a good advantage, both won their first leg game with a good margin.  Uruguay won 5-0 vs Jordan and Mexico 5-1 vs New Zeeland.

This is it, today we will know all teams that will be in Brazil 2014!


So who do you think will make it to Brazil, let me know your thoughts or comments!!

Thanks for reading!! I’m planning to make a full review of the results tomorrow, I usually do live tweeting during the games, so if you want you can follow me @MonickJHerrera, we can even talk about the games, it’s fun ;).


P.S: I’m back! I was a bit missing in action… you know what they say, when it rains it pours… and I have learned to dance under the rain, but I just needed to get over with this pouring thing lol. I’m a great hitter, thanks God cause I’ve been getting some awful curveballs…

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