Hello all!!

Thank for visiting my blog, I am a journalist, I love sports, I am kind of obsessed with Football, yes the one that it’s actually play with the feet, haaaaa… Bad joke lol oook it’s soccer! But I pretty much enjoy all type of sports!

I’ve always been around them, my father have played soccer all his life I think, so since I have memory our weekends were spent at a football soccer pitch. I played basketball almost all my school life, I think it was until I got more interesting in boys that I decided that sweating didn’t look good and stopped, if I have ever regret anything in my life it would have been this decision and that moment, because I would have a Supermodel body by now if I would have kept playing basketball lol!!

Sports have been a big role in my life, I grew up with soccer and basketball, later I played a little bit of volleyball, then I got interesting in tennis, I don’t even know how I started to watch the Chicago Cubs once and then I found my self watching baseball, in my country that is a weird thing, we don’t follow baseball it’s not in our nature hehe…. I like almost all type of Sports. I find in them an entertainment that plays with my emotions in different ways, sometimes is like a roller-coaster, when you are fan of a team or a player sometimes is completely joy and some others is painful, but at the end is just a game! And in that simplicity you will find the magic!

I have another blog Courage is my Name and I realized that a lot of my post were related to sport or have some mentions about it, so I decided to let my love and passion for it fly away!!

Why in high heels, well I am not a super girly girl, but I am a girl, I love shoes, I love stilettos, love fashion and enjoy playing with it, and high heels are essentials in a women closet, at least in mine, although I am currently living in New York which makes this walking in high heels a challenge, too much walking, now putting on the flats 😉 Hehehe!!


Hope you enjoy it, leave any comment if you want to.

P.S; I am from El Salvador in Central America, small but a lovely country, I am following my dreams and goals as a Journalist! My first language is Spanish so forgive my grammatical mistakes, I have always blogged in English (long story… ) so I hope you bear with me… thanks!!



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