El clasico final in Berlin?… to be or not to be?…


How are the chances of having “El Clasico” in the biggest scenario of football clubs, the UEFA Champions league?

We are about to find out, this week we will know which teams will meet in Berlin for the final. The last time I posted about El Clasico, it was the one Barcelona and Real Madrid played in La Liga, it finished with a victory from Barcelona. Although a mix feelings from Real Madrid’s fans, for some the team played with heart, for others a lost is a lost.

The Champions League sometimes can be predictable and sometimes it can surprise us, at this stage the four teams playing the semifinals are European football powerhouses, all have won the title before, some are more favorites than others but any of the four could reach the final.


For the past few CL seasons the idea of a Real Madrid- Barcelona final had been in the air, both teams reached semifinals in the last few season teasing all fans with a possible El Clasico final, but it did not happen, either both were eliminated, or only one of them advanced to the final like what happened with Real Madrid last season.

As soon as both were placed in different sides and facing different rivals this season some fans and the media started to dream with a final between these two arch rivals, let’s be honest that has a possibility of being one of those great and historic finals, but one thing is to dream about it and another one is the reality of both clubs.


So far Barcelona has half of the ticket to Berlin and most probably is about to get the other half in the next two hours, if Bayern can not pull out a comeback. RealMadrid has a complicated second leg on Wednesday after their 1-2 result in Italy vs Juventus. It’s interesting how many people thought that Real Madrid probably had better chances because Juventus were considered among the four semifinalist the one with fewer options, but at the end football can change from one game to another.



Just look at how things have shifted for both Barcelona and Real Madrid, the first one started the season with many doubts and in the middle of a weird relationship between Luis Enrique and Messi, but apparently all that is water under the bridge now, and they are having an incredible end of the season, the players form and their game have set them a part from the rest, they are probably the favorite, the MSN (Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar) are having the best end of the season. That is what could be called, good timing.

Barcelona- Bayern Munich in the papers was probably the match that everyone expected to be very  close and difficult, and it was for most part of the game during the first leg, but in three minutes Messi changed it all, now Bayern needs maybe not a miracle but close to that.


On the contrary Real Madrid went from the best team at the beginning of the season to be in the edge of a non title season. Iker Casillas is getting some heat from some fans, as well as the BBC (Bale, Benzema and Cristiano) not much love for them, specially for Bale and a little bit for Ronaldo, and since Benzema is injured, he is kind of on the safe. At this point, it all depends of what happens this Wednesday, it seems that they have said goodbye to La Liga after Saturday’s result, and now their only option is the Champions League, but Juventus is a tough rival, specially now that they have the result on their favor, they can defend pretty well that’s the Italian style.

Real Madrid seems to be under trouble waters, facing critics after the latest results, their timing couldn’t be worst, important players injured and others criticized by their fans.


Ancelotti needs to come up with a lineup that would cover the injury problems and the players need to have a good game, one of those magical Champions League nights at the Bernabeu, otherwise the dream of the eleventh (Undecima) will banish pretty fast and tougher times will come. Real Madrid is a club where fans expect victory all the time, that is the way it is. They either make it happen in the Champions League or they are heading to a very long and uncomfortable summer.

What is for sure is that we will be watching, many are praying to the Football gods to have that dream “El Clasico” final but for now let’s enjoy the excitement, nerves and nail biting that are Champions League Semifinals!!


Thank you for reading and let me know if you would like to see a Real Madrid – Barcelona final, or would you prefer other option?

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Pictures thanks to UEFA.com, noticiasaudio.com, ibetimes.com, bleachreport.net, sport.net, Real Madrid official Facebook. 


From the dream to the Reality of LA DECIMA!

   Hello hello!


The day has arrived!! Wohoooo…. Yes you know what I am talking about, The World Cup,  just the freaking best tournament of the whole world!!

As you can see or read I am more than happy, thrill, excited… I can go on with all the emotions that every human being that love this sport is feeling at this moments. It’s a matter of hours and then Brazil will kick off!

But before getting into the most amazing tournament, I feel I have to close some open topics in this blog. First I am the worst blogger in the world (probably… I still love myself hehe) I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a long time, I didn’t realize how long I haven’t written in my blogs until a couple of weeks ago, times flies people, specially when you are facing some challenges and some re-organization in your life… hand up that’s me.

I have so many ideas and new projects but before come up with those I went thru  sickness back to health and  personal stuff that needed my attention and also distracted me for blogging… I felt the need to let you  know why this long absent.

Anyway back to what is important in this world; “Futbol” “Fpotball” ” Soccer”

Let’s start!

Pictures speak louder than words… or something like that haha

The picture below was posted on Iker Casillas’s official Facebook  on April 30, 2013, it represented the sentiment of that day, Real Madrid was left out of the biggest scenario at a Club level, they were eliminated from the UEFA Champions League in Semifinals for the fourth consecutive season.


The tears from Iker Casillas and Ramos from that day were of sadness and disappointment.  But then just a season later on May 24th 2014 ohh boy how things changed, in the pictures below the tears were of relief at first and then total happiness!!

Iphone 349 10413047_520620381393410_901776948_n

Totally understandable after  the most crazy if not the craziest game in terms of emotions… The nerves were at the highest level,  Atletico de Madrid were wining the match  up until the 90 minute, even the players on the bench or at the stands were getting ready to celebrate, then  the referee added five more minute of stoppage time, which for a lot of people was too much,  for others was appropriated, but controversy aside, back into the game at the 2:50-3:00 minute mark the miracle for Real Madrid happened in the name or more to say in the head of Sergio Ramos, with an incredible header goal that brought Real Madrid back to life and allowed the game to go on extra time…

10398048_10150599378959953_3564551022837958320_n 10390439_10150599379474953_7967360436047223026_n10390247_10150599379454953_3987607742758693575_n

Half of the stadium went crazy, it was insane for Real Madrid fans who thought that La Decima was slipping away, but Ramos brought back  the most amazing feeling for a football (soccer) fan, insanely special happiness, they were alive again and they had 30 minutes to change the course of the match…

In the other side for Atletico was the worst that could happened to them, they were almost lifting the Cup and suddenly after all the effort it was now back to starting point, but  with tired bodies and legs and they just simple couldn’t keep it up…  The fans were in disbelief and the sadness, tears were starting to show up in some faces. The dream of accomplish an epic deed, two titles La Liga and The Champions League was now far way, from heaven to hell in one minute, once again the Champions League just couldn’t happen for them.

Real Madrid were obsess with La Decime even if they were trying to diminish the feeling everyone knew that being that close made it all more real and the obsession was at the highest, all Real Madrid fans had been dreaming for the past 12 years, yeap that’s the time between their last Champion League title. Most young people below let’s say 15 or 16 years had never celebrated a Champions League and for them it was  more like an urban story until that minute when Di Maria the best of the Match, hurtled into  Atletico’s penalty area and shoot but Thibaut Courtois palmed it to the back post where Gareth Bale was waiting to seal the deal with another almost impossible header to make. An at that moment the craziness in one side were over the top, La Decima was there in their hands it was going to be just about minutes to make it official.

Remember the summer transfer drama with Gareth Bale, Real Madrid paid millions, the most expensive player and this is how he made it all about football.

10325322_10150599381714953_6451211412689769533_n 10325648_10150599381679953_4254729268213616933_n 10291827_10150599381834953_5525087538260766162_n 10414567_10150599381994953_147426642817653393_n

Base on how tired Atletico’s players were and what this goal meant for them we all knew it was over… Atletico just couldn’t hold it, the effort was huge during the 90 minutes and they just couldn’t answer at all, it was sad to see that side of a final the other team.

But for all Madridistas, all Real Madrid fans this was the dream, the obsession becoming a reality. Marcelo with a very emotional goal for him made it 3-1 and then Cristiano who after wining the Ballon D’Or had an incredible season, but with some difficulties at the end of the season due to an injury that kept him away from the pitch for a few games, but he wasn’t going to miss this game, he play and forced a penalty that he also converted in the fourth for Real Madrid, La Decima was a reality, minutes later the final whistle sounded and then tears of happiness and completely excitement was the emotions for the new Champions!

10303299_10150599382129953_3565242936243850288_n  10401926_10150599382254953_7382186786425068852_n

And yes ladies he had to take his jersey off.. why not it was the Champions League final, what the heck… and I can guess some of you were more than happy, I have to give it to Ronaldo 😉 haha


Finally after a long 12 years LA DECIMA was a reality. Watching Casillas lifting the cup was very interesting, after all the suffering and doubts he had at the beginning of the season,  as you probably remember he was the center of the other drama, he was benched by Mourinho in the previous season and it was a whole soup opera drama at it best, but this last season with Carlo Ancelotti everyone thought he was  going to be back to be the number one goalkeeper and then we learned that he was going to play only Copa Del Rey and the Champions League… Real Madrid lift both Cups and he still has that angel, that Santo level, it wasn’t his game during the final, he made an awful mistake that gave the first and only goal to Atletico, and later he made all Madridistas suffer with another close call type of mistake. But after all they wouldn’t have made it to the final if it wasn’t for his saves in that incredible road to Lisbon that they had.

Congrats to Real Madrid for wining the UEFA Champions League for the 10th time, La DECIMA!!


Then it was time to offer the Cup to the goddess La Cibeles

Iphone 362

More on the celebration later. (Upcoming post)

Congrats to Atletico it was an amazing run for them, lots of effort and over all a great season, La Liga Champions, and Champions League finalist.

I leave you with this video, I think it kind of recap the feeling and atmosphere of the looker room! During Ancelotti press conference some members of the team led by Ramos and Marcelo interrupt Ancelotti to chant kiss their Coach, the Mister!


Thanks for ready I know it’s kind of out of time, but I like this recaps, and I relive the whole thing while doing it. hehe

Let me know your thought on Real Madrid’s 10th Champions League Title!! Fee free to leave a comment 🙂




Pictures from Iker Casillas Facebook official page, and Real Madrid’s Facebook. Video from Skype on Youtube.




Sunday Funday!! Pre-Season games!!

Hello y’all!!

Let’s get into business!

photo (1)

Today is a busy Sunday… as I mentioned before, I follow the Spanish league La Liga, if you know a little bit about it, you know the big names and the dominating teams in it are Real Madrid and Barcelona, it’s a very competitive League (Yes we can argue about it lol), with many other teams beside those two fighting to be on top each season, but we can agree that base on History, this two are the ones that stand up among the others, and if on top of that you add that they have one of the biggest rivalries in Football, that goes way back and also involves some politics… well you have one of the most entertaining scenarios!

But since they won’t face each other just yet… they both are trying to get into the best form and get the best players from the market as soon as possible to have a good pre-season that could give them the lead to start the season with a good forms!!


Let’s Start with Real Madrid is about to have their first pre-season friendly game against the modest A.F.C. Bournemouth a club playing in the second tier in the English Football.  This will be the first game for Carlo Ancelotti, who took the Team as the head Coach after Mourinho’s departures at the end of last season, Mou left the club  in the middle of a very weird and complicate relationship with the team or at least with some players, (I think Iker might have performed a happy dance after the announcement that Mou was heading back to the UK, just saying lol) But also a good part of the fans were loudly asking him to leave at any chance they had in the last home games at Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

According to @realmadriden their English official twitter account, the team won four out their seven friendlies last year, today they will play their first one during this pre-season, let’s see how they will do! This will be the first chance to see Ancelotti’s first Roster… interesting and exciting! We know by now that Irrallamendi, one of the latest transfers won’t be in the initial eleven..


It took a while and most probably a lot of negotiations but at the end Ancelotti started his first training session with his new team on July 15th after  their medical examinations… Most of the team was at Ciudad Real Madrid, the training facilities at Valdebebas, they were ready to start their  preparation for the 2013-2014 season, well almost all but the internationals that played the Confederation Cup in Brazil, they’ll  join the team after completing their vacations…




But Real Madrid new roster reinforcements for this 2013-2014 season were  definitely there;

Isco coming from Malaga was the first one to signed a 5 years contract to start a new Journey with the Whites.



Irrallamendi who comes from Real Sociedad, required a little bit more of negotiations and had all Real’s fan on suspense until he was presented as a new Real Madrid player, and will try to get a spot in the midfield.



This two transfers were the ones that causes the buzz in the White House, yes the one that is located in Madrid hehe  **bad Joke**  lol Working on that!

Some of the Latest additions are; Carvajal, who Real Madrid sold a year ago and now is bringing him back from Bayern Leverkusen, and  Casemiro who joined Real Madrid Castilla, Real’s second team during the winter market and now was officially bought from Sao Paulo and gets promoted to the first team for the next four seasons…



Real Madris is after Bale and pushing hard to get the money to see him wearing white next season, but in order for that to happen, they are selling all they can…First Callejon signed for Napoli in a good deal for the Whites, his transfer was for the double of money that the Club bought him in the first place, so we can called that a good sales transaction…. next on the goodbye list was Albiol who also signed for Napoli (Italy) and Negredo sold to Manchester City.


The ones that are close to sign their exit from the Club are Garay for Manchester United, Higuain (I’ll do a pause here, a moment of silent, I have always liked el Pipita, I think is one of the best in his position and I have always had faith that he was going to stay in the club, but that’s the sport world.  He definitely wants to leave, I just hope that Real Madrid won’t regret this, I know he still has some areas to improve… but well…oook pause off.. ) Napoli is interesting  and as now is very close to seal the deal,  Chealsea and Arsenal are also on the run too, but I guess we will have to wait to see which club will be his final destination, but for sure he will be miss among the fans… latest reports indicate that Coentrao is willing to leave the team too… As always a very moving summer, the transfers market is open and there is still plenty of time for more :/


I love how all this buying and selling players works during pre-season, some are real dramas unfolding and some other just get you by surprise, still entertaining…  let’s see if they will make it count in the real world meaning during the regular season and the real competitions, in Real Madrid wining championships is a must… not pressure at all!!


In a random note, I am such a huge fan of Zinedine Zidane, I think after Fernando Redondo who is my ultimate all time favorite player, I’ll share my reasons later, I think Zidane is an all time Legend that have played this beautiful game!!! So happy to see him starts his coaching journey,  wishing him the best and all success!! He will be the second in command and the right hand in Ancelotti’s coaching team!



Btw at the end it seems that Real Madrid won’t make a stop in New York after all speculations… bummer… 😦 (Tears!!) lol but they will visit some other cities in the States, I’ll post their US schedule soon!


Have fun if you are watching the game, I might skip this one, my national team will play later on against USA in the Gold Cup… we never win anything, we have good technic and some good players, but nothing major, but the fans are always there, like alwaysss, I guess faith is all hahaha!!

Thanks for reading feel free to share what you think about the transfers, and who you think will make it in Real Madrid…


PS… Yes we are still in suspense if Super tan Cristiano will renew his contract, my opinion is that he will, what do you think?


Picture from Real Madrid facebook page