World Cup tales!… Surprises, dancing and goals!!



Day 8 of the World Cup is over.  Can we please agree that it feels like is going too fast??… It might be the schedule, its perfect don’t get me wrong, I don’t have to wake up early morning to watch games like last World Cup, but  it feels the day  just flies away,  maybe watching this type of quality football makes the day go even faster.

This is a great World Cup so far, these teams are playing at a high level, the style of game from most team is about proposing, creating and attacking which leave us with lots of goals and very exciting matches! I remember last World Cup I even said that the group stage was usually a bit boring and that things get better in the knock out stages, but not the case of this WC, it has been so different, a great tournament so far, emotional games, surprises all over the places and a very entertaining tournament.


Many things had happens, some still sensitive to talk about, yes I am looking at you Spain…. Can you believe it? I felt so bad for them, the first team to say good-bye to the World Cup, the defending Champions left the throne for someone else to take the reign. I Still can’t believe it but well let’s talk about it later when emotions are under control hehe… Hey they have been or were the best of the World for the past years, they re-defined the way football is play now and are the most successful national team of our generation, football soccer fans around the world,  we are totally allowed to feel the pain too.

I felt we went from day 2 to day 8 in a blink,  so I won’t do a day by day recap, review or look back whatever you want to call it, too many days and too few non football hours hehehe

First round of matches is over for all teams, so let’s recap or look back to some of the best shocking or more memorable moments… oiii

We covered day 2 and Spain debacle, yes it got worst by now let’s move on, we got a few more surprises during  first round of matches, here are some;



It is true that group C is not as difficult as other groups might be, but as we have seeing in this World Cup anything can happen…

Congrats to Colombia, after 16 years  they are back in a World Cup with a team full of young players most of them playing at an international level and so far so good! Not only their first result beating Greece,  but also what they did today, it’s incredible, the way they are playing is very inspiring and very good, still some things to fix, but overall a great  and very promising performance something to look forward. What I love the most is the happiness they provide to the tournament, the dancing, best celebration in this World Cup by far!!

2377403_big-lnd 2377373_big-lnd

Keep dancing Colombia!!

The other teams in group C, also have played their first and second round matches too, Ivory Coast is one team with Didier Drogba and another one without him, the bad news for them is that he cannot play  all 90 minutes, he’s been getting in on second half, and even though he injects some energy to the team  sometimes it’s not enough, Yaya Toure is another star in this team but hasn’t shine the way a lot of people expected. I still think they can get out of the group stage, let’s see…




Big surprise on day three, when they were defeated by Costa Rica, the Central America team which in theory is less competitive, and they were the great surprise of that day, wining and playing good football, they not only took the three-point from Uruguay but also they made them look bad, slow and without ideas. Who would have thought Costa Rica would be at the Top of the table after their first game, I think no one, with all the respect their deserve, but Uruguay even though is not the same team that it was four years ago when they  finish in fourth place in 2010 World Cup, are still a good team and with quality players, yes Luis Suarez didn’t play first match but they had Cavani and Forlan and other good players. Costa Rica from CONCACAF which for many have not the same quality, well guess what it might be true but they played with no fear and went for it.




The good news for Uruguay, Luis Suarez is back and he showed it today in their second match vs England, he scored two goals and left the England team with very slim chances to advance to the next stage, an England team that was very promising in their first game vs Italy, yes they lost because Italy has a legend that controls Italy’s destiny Pirlo, he is just amazing at 35 years old, he is like a wine the older the better he gets, but the feelings left from the England team were very positive, today they couldn’t stop Uruguay and heir star Luis Suarez, the only good note for England was Wayne Rooney scoring his first goal in a World Cup. Let’s see if they can pull out a miracle, mates let’s start to pray? maybe that could help ;/

2377688_big-lnd 2377697_big-lnd


Italy still have to play their second match vs Costa Rica, we have yet to see if Los Ticos can hold on and at least get a tie, Gigi Buffon didn’t play the first match due to an ankle injury, but maybe he’ll be back for this one… It should be an interesting match, I still think Italy is the strongest in this group and one of the stronger in this tournament, playing not the usual catenaccio but a surprising kind of offensive good football. Very entertaining.


And this is how group D is unfolding… Let’s move on to more surprises.



France in group E, Benzema was a goal machine he officially had two in his tally, but it could have been three if the goal line technology wouldn’t have shown us that the second goal was a rebound from the keeper. Good for Benzema he didn’t score as much as he would have wanted toward the end of Real Madrid’s season and some were starting to question him. Best way to answer is always with goals!



2373633_big-lnd 2373640_big-lnd

Germany vs Portugal in group G, oh my God, if we were surprise by the 5-1 that Spain got, this match was another surprise, less shocking but still surprising, Portugal actually started well, Critiano Ronaldo had two good chances in the first minutes, but then Germany started to level things out, and then the worst happened to Portugal, Pepe was sent-off with a red card, and left not only a bad image if this is possible I mean is Pepe, his reputation precedes him… We can argue that Muller felt very easy, that he didn’t headbutt him that hard, and that it should have been a yellow card, but it’s a World Cup and some referees won’t let these type of action go away so easy, my two cents, he should have known better, he is an elite type of player, so a red is a red, and he left his team in an awful condition, Portugal lost all the control, couldn’t find a way, Cristiano who many say is not at his best, looked desperate and couldn’t find options either and they had their worst lost in the history of the World Cup

2373658_big-lnd 2373749_big-lnd

Germany , on the other hand so far is one if not the best overall team in the tournament, they looked good as a team, collectively, the style of play was also good and they have Muller in great condition, scored the first hat-trick of the World Cup. And to think that some people didn’t consider then  as contenders, well so far they have proved them wrong. It’s early but they looked good. Something to say though  is that they have won their last four opening game scoring 4+ goals, and still they haven’t won the title in the last three World Cups.





Last but no least team USA beat their nemesis, the team that sent them home the last two World Cups, Ghana. The U.S scored the fastest goal so far, Dempsey in less than 30 seconds, it was either at the 30 or 29 second mark, some mix information hehe. But that was fast, they suffered more than expected tho but at the 86th minute John Brooks scored the 2-1 for the red, white and blue, and they finally were able to defeat Ghana in a World Cup and on top of that they got the three precious points specially in a tough group like this one, the group of death… Well they are very alive, and in a country where soccer is not as big as it is in other places it was impressive to see the support and all the craziness that went after Brooks’ goal,  it was great, there are so many videos on vine, instagram and twitter that you think; Is it real that they don’t care much about football? It didn’t  look that way on the videos and many pictures. Anyhow things are changing and there are a lot of football soccer supporters, which is great because that match  was emotionally amazing!!

 2374251_big-lnd 2374252_big-lnd


Other first round of matches notes;


  • Argentina is not in a difficult group but, they looked nervous and  they didn’t have an easy win, the expectation of this match were so high everyone wanted to see Messi in the mythical Maracana, and I think at the end the expectations were higher than what we saw on the pitch. Messi is under a lot of pressure, but he scored his first goal in this World Cup and his second in all World Cups, and everyone breathe again… hehe
  • Belgium is supposed to be the revelation of this tournament, they suffered more than expected too but at the end  they still can give the surprise, lot’s of well-known players even the substitutes can make the difference.
  • Russia’s head coach Fabio Capello  has the best salary, they say 22 millions ;0… oiiiii so they better get out of the group stage, just saying!
  • Iran vs Nigeria was the only boring game so far, I mean some other matches maybe had some boring lapses but this one was painfully boring, sorry for both teams, hopefully they will do better in the next match.

Some injuries news;

  • Coentrao  from Portugal will miss the rest of the World Cup due to an injury.
  • Altidore got injure in the USA vs Ghana match and he’ll miss next match, and it’s not sure when if he will be back.
  • Dempsey broke his nose in the same USA match but he is expected to play with or without a mask.

I know I am probably missing so many more things and important moments, but this is already the longest post in this blog hahah so I don’t want to make it more impossible to read.

If you make it  here give your self a round of applauses!! You are amazing 😉 … I will try to make the next recap shorter, but in my defense so many good things and surprises are happening that it’s hard to make things shorter, or maybe it’s just me, I can let things goo…. Well it is what it is, I have to take some “to the point” classes.

Thanks for reading, I really appreciated and if you want to leave a comment, if you agree or disagree with something or just want to say something feel free to do it in the comment area.

This World Cup not only is giving us good surprises but also, good laugh, I leave you with some of the funniest one…


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Holy Moly Guacamole! … World Cup 2014!

Hello Y’all!!


It’s been a couple of days, I guess I can’t say that thee excitement of the Hex was the reason…. I’m bad at making excuses ;( hehe **shame on me**

But truth to be told that was a hell of a hexagonal in CONCACAF…. It’s all over, well kind of, the hexagonal stage is definitely over, three team are happily packing their dreams to Brazil!! Congrats to the USA, Costa Rica and Honduras for getting their direct ticket, no stopover in between yeyy!!

The hex was so emotional and crazy at the same time, no matter what team you were supporting it got so crazy and dramatic. Hey some people say that our region shouldn’t have that many seats in the World Cup plane to put it in a way, something you can agree or not, it’s up for debate, yeah we agree that not all teams might have the quality of some European and South American teams but holy moly guacamole, we know how to create drama!!

I bet they don’t have this much fun and craziness as we had lol….


The last games in the hexagonal were as emotional as expected, actually for some were too emotional, with Mexico in the position to win their game to make it to the playoff, with a Panama that believed in their options and was hoping for a miracle…. And ohh boy they were so close… it was all serve for a dramatic and craziest ending in CONCACAF history.

This was the scenario, Mexico didn’t do their part, in fact they play an awful game, and in the last minutes of the match they were losing 1-2, at that moment they were out of the  world cup, Panama had pulled a momentaneous comeback and was wining their game 2-1 which meant they were heading to New Zealand for the playoff. The faces in Mexico’s team were a mix of desperation and pain, you can see they were praying to every Saint in heaven and they were looking at the Panama- USA game more than at their own game, the hopes at that point were in the archrivals the Americans!

 20131015_2104 1381896840000-AP-Costa-Rica-Mexico-Soccer-Wcup

And the “American dream” came true for all Mexican’s, when the USA scored two goals in the last three minutes of the stoppage time against Panama, killing the Panamanians dreams with a 2-3 win, and giving one more life and one more chance to Mexico… Those moments are pure Football history, at least for me, that was insane, the nervousness, the passion, the dreams it was unbelievable….

So we all can agree that Mexico should be now and forever grateful with the USA team for their sportsmanship and respect of the game, they fight it till the end, while Mexico was a small version of the Gigantic they have preached to be…. Most Announcers in the Hispanic TV are from Mexico, so even watching the game and listen that silence when they were out of the WC was a historic moment, yeah you read it right, I listened silence!  lol… ( metaphorical, I’m not crazy, at least not at that level lol) but all changed after USA score the wining goal for their team, Mexico was alive again!

Here is an example of how all Mexico fans came back from hell to life, this are the Announcers of TV Azteca, a Mexican TV Channel. You can listen their excitement and their profound disappointment in their national team!

Anyway it is what it is, I said it in my twitter while watching  and following both games, it was insane, and still Mexico got a free life,  like in those videogames, I think they got their miracle! They are like  cats, I don’t know how many lives they have or in which of those lives they are now, but Holy, they have been saved by the bell too many times by now lol.

If I would have been in Mexico I probably would have bought me a lottery ticket, just saying to take that luck with me!

So now it will be define on November, they will play their two live or die game vs New Zealand, one in Azteca stadium and the other as visitors and we will see… but that’s a story for another day!

What is sad to watch always is the cruel side of the game, the loosing team, the dreams going away, that always break my heart, Panama’s players crying, I am a softy, what can I do…  But great Sportsmanship from the U.S Team, this is football too, this is why it is a beautiful game too!

nt-tag-reuters_com0000-newsml_gm1e9ag0xl601-509928384-tag-reuters_com0000-binary_gm1e9ag0xl601-baseimage-tokengknjoz3t5to00azlo1sgtrbforfunmlyfbfqhdraq BWq8B1kCEAAxLDM

And there is also the funny moments that comes with this whole drama, well immediately after the final whistle and the craziness was over the taunts and jokes started, you have to loosen up a bit to be able to laugh…

The U.S Soccer twitter account started when they post one of the most memorable tweet in sport history.

And here are some of the funniest ones… hehe

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and let me know if you think Mexico will finally make it to Brazil?


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Brazil 2014 in the making!

Hello y’all!!


Brazil is shaping up!!

That is what I have to say today, and I am so happy  like a kid in a candy or an ice cream store lol…

Yeah today is World Cup Qualifying day, most countries will know or already know if they will pack their bags to Brazil or If they will have to make another stop in between and try it again in a play-off scenario and for some others this would be a “maybe for the next WC” I am so sorry for this last ones… I feel your pain!

At this moment 6:48 pm in New York City 18 counties have a beautiful and precious direct ticket to Brazil!!

So far here are the ones that already qualified;

Teams WC

Some Notes;

  • Spain sealed their ticket today, they will try to keep the Cup for another four years, they are the current Champions, we will see if they can repeat the greatest achievement in football!
  • England also got their ticket early today, with a bit of suspense before the game, but everyone expected them to win and qualify for Brazil!
  • The eight top seeds in the next World Cup will be base on the latest FIFA rankings, so far for sure; Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Belgium and Switzerland, the last two seed spots are still yet to be determinate, we will have to wait until the results for the pending games to be play in our side of the pond!

But don’t get confuse we still have some drama…. Things are pretty much decided in Europe, some teams will have to go to a play-off draw and try to get a ticket there. :/

The European play-off;

  •  Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Ukraine, France, Sweden, Romania, Iceland.

We have to wait to see who else from the Americas or other continents will have to go to play-off.


In our side of the continent, the drama is for Mexico who will find out today after all if they will have a chance to keep the hopes up for Brazil or If they will say good-bye, they have options, after wining their last game in El Azteca against Panama,  as of now they have a ticket to the play-off but we will have to wait.

The team is confident, they are playing vs Costa Rica, already qualified, Panama is still with options, it will be difficult for them but things are a bit open so we will have to wait, and yes maybe some nails biting  and some hair ripping in the process… not me, but if your country is still with options you might not be able to avoid the biting nails and hair thing hehe… don’t worried I can give you some tips to recover, I know about that ;/

Anyways, lets’ enjoy this journey again, this it’s almost done and we are going to be ready for Brazil 2014!!!!

Fifa wc

Thanks for reading, I hope your team or country is moving on, if not, well, do what I do, pick a bunch of other countries and try your prediction skills lol… The good news is that we love this game!! Football or soccer whatever way you called it!


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“Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue”


Say hello to the 2013 Gold Cup Champions!! The United States of America….


The USA National Soccer Team, lift up the trophy after beating Panama 1-0. It was a difficult game for the stars and stripes, the first half was a bit slow, the U. S had possession of the ball but wasn’t able to do anything, they were practically moving the ball in their own area and just from side to side, but they were not generating any real danger for Panama’s defense.

In the other side Panama was just waiting to have a chance to counterattack but they didn’t have any and when they did they couldn’t manage the ball in an effective way,  it seems that they were just going to wait to see what was going to happened, which caused it a slow first half that lacked of emotion, football and dangerous occasion for any team, pretty much a bit boring game at some points.


Thank God for half time, sometimes those 15 minutes can change a game, the USA came out of the locker rooms determin to win the title, they were more aggressive and took advantage of their ball possession, they started to put more pressure and got closer to open the score board, but still with a few chances the coaching team made a substitution and entered Brek Shea, after just a couple of minutes in the picth,  at the 69th min he scored the only Goal that was enough to give them the Championship!


Panama, tried to work their counterattack but they weren’t that good at the execution, later after being down 0-1, they tried and pressure the U.S defense, the last minutes were very emotional, Panama trying with all their effort to get the equalizer and the U.S defending that lead that would make them Champions. Overall I think it was a great run for Panama, good tournament, they defeat Mexico twice, which it’s not an easy thing to do and showed that they were a strong team and deserved to be in the final! Congrats to them, this will give them energy to face a difficult last run of the hexagonal.


A couple of notes:

  • This was the fifth Gold Cup Title for the USA.
  • Donovan didn’t have his best game, but he was there just before Shea scored the goal, and had an incredible tournament.
  • I guess blonde is the new in, base on Eddie Johnson hair style…
  • What was going on with that manicure session at the final, one Panamanian player was cutting his nails just right before getting in, are the referees demanding more stylish players?? Metrosexual much? lol
  • Panama look at times like they were waiting to get to Penalties and try their luck…
  • Was nice to see the Soldier Field with a great turnout of USA fans. They showed support for their nation.


Landon Donovan was awarded the Golden Ball as the best player of the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup. A well deserved MVP, he was the best and most influential player in his team and in the tournament.

“This is not the end,” Donovan said. “It’s the end of the tournament, but hopefully this is just the beginning for a lot of us. We want to be a part of the bigger picture.”

One sad note though, Stuart Holden, he was back to the national team after recovering from a knee injury and in the 19th min he injured his knee again and had to leave the game, we still don’t know how bad it is, but for sure he’ll make all efforts to get back, shout-out to his spirit he was at the end celebrating with his teammates!! It’s never a good thing when a player gets injured… all positive thoughts and strength to him!

I had fun  and as usual enjoyed watching the tournament!! It was a burst of energy as the Hexagonal final stage is approaching, this will give to the six  remaining teams an idea of what they need to keep doing, what to improve and what to change to face the important stage that would give to three of them a direct ticket to Brazil 2014!

And for us the ones that our national teams are already out of the competition, well it gave us entertainment and makes us want to have a fast forward button to push it and get to the World Cup 2014! I can’t wait!!!!


How I did on my predictions, it was a 50-50 I got the champion right I said USA, but I thought  we were going to see more goals for both sides… maybe I was wishing at loud hahaha… anyways 50-50 was good, I’ll take it!!! Lol

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the tournament, that you cheered for your national team and if not well I know every day we are close to Brazil!! Can’t wait 🙂


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Surprises!! Who will stand up in the Windy City??



If there is some kind of football or sport hangover, I might have woken up today a bit tipsy from all yesterday actions!

Some good surprises but let’s face it for others today was one of those horrible next morning hangovers, the ones you get after a sick party, like head spinning… and I don’t drink, I just know this facts because my friends have told me…. I swear!! Pinky swear!!

Today we’ll stay in our side of the pond!

The Gold Cup semifinals!! What a run… it was emotional,  we know CONCACAF it’s not the best confederation and for sure it’s not even close to be, but for better or worst depending on what country you live in, it involves our nations so it makes it closer to our dear hearts!


First on the lineup was USA – Honduras, interesting game, I thought that Honduras was going to be more difficult for the stars and stripes, but the USA made it look like it was so easy, they scored early in the first half (Eddie Johnson) and from then it was another story, they played with velocity getting to Honduras’ side of the Pitch fast and complicating their defense in every approach… I don’t know what happened with Honduras I thought they would have had more resources to give a little bit more of a balance fight or at least to make it look like it was a bit harder for the US… They were able to discount in the second half, but in less than a minute,  the Red, White and Blue was up in the score board again thanks to Landon Donovan who is at his best!

If you are an Honduras fan, believe me I feel you :(…  Painful to see you team losing so close to the final… but well there will  be more chances!! They had an amazing run in the tournament, all recognitions to “La H” getting to Semis, big congrats!!


And for the USA if it wasn’t clear enough, yesterday they made a very convincing statement, as today they are the strongest and best team in the tournament and probably in the region, again as of now…. I know Mexico has been or has held that title for a while but I think right now they should work out things if they want it back.  The USA is now in a win streak, I know in a Final it can go both ways, but they look strong to win this, and don’t forget that ahead of this tournament the next big thing is the World Cup Qualifications and this just make them stronger, Klinsmann has a vast pool of players now to face the final stage of the hexagonal!

Although I think he has to learn to control his emotions a little bit, he might not be in the final, because the referee sent him out yesterday, he got ejected from the game, there were some mix reports, even the CONCACAF itself wasn’t sure if he will be allowed to be in the Final or not… I’ll update it before Sunday. He apologized later “It was a reaction out of frustration,” he said. “It was not meant against the referee, against anybody. It was just frustration. I apologize for that.”… I mean his team was wining, basically he was in control of the game, and it was just a matter of time to be over and he protested a foul on one of his players… I get it if you are loosing and if you are like in desperate mode, but at that time, I think was a bad judgment and bad timing, even if you think the referee made a mistake, he put himself in that position, don’t risk it if you have already one and  half of the other foot in the Final… just saying…

Final result was USA 3-1 Honduras.


Next on the board, was Mexico- Panama this was the big surprise and what probably made more than one feel today like they just had their worst hangover… Everybody and probably even CONCACAf too wanted Mexico in the Final, it would have been a dream final, when Mexico moved to semifinals, and we saw an improvement in their game, which hasn’t been the best for a while, and the conversation will go on after last night, but well everyone thought we were getting ready for a dreamy scenario a final USA- Mexico,  they have been for a while probably the two stronger teams in the region, but then Panama said wait a second, this is not over until is over, and they just got themselves first row tickets to the Windy City, Chicago.

Panama scored early too, after an awful mistake from Mexico’s defense, Panama was fast and even though they didn’t get many chances, they were very effective, Mexico struggled once again, they were able to tie the game but couldn’t take the lead at any point and I think they never found themselves in that position, so despite the fact that most of the fans in that Arena were supporting Mexico, they just had to say good-bye to the tournament, and for sure there will be a lot of talking about the team, but mostly about their Coach, Jose Manuel de la Torre “El Chepo de la Torre”, his place in the team was already in question even before the tournament started and now, well we have to wait to see if this would have an impact in his continuity.

Final result Panama 2-1 Mexico.

Next… Chicago!! So I don’t want to brag about it, but well I’ll do it anyway haaaa….  I got it right!!!!! lol… Yes please a round of applauses or let’s shake it with some dance moves!!


I said it,  USA – Panama to the final, and that’s what we will have on Sunday, in Chicago, I just hope it will be an interesting and very entertaining full of emotions final!! That is what every football fan always wants! 😉

Anyway I tell you my prediction later on… I just want to have some suspense… buuuu… Seriously, I will let you know what I think and I will jump in the pool, with a score prediction!! Ahhhh…..

Thanks for reading, you are definitely very kind and very patience!! Thank you, thank you and thank you, if you too want to jump in the pool, hey just tell me in the comments who you think will win the Gold Cup and what the score will be… my sincere apologizes if you get it right I don’t have an award but you will have the unbelievable reward of telling everyone; haaaaa I just got it right or haaaaa I knew it!!! lol


Thank you, take care everyone!!

PS. When I started to write the post It was still Thursday!!… is 19 min of Friday now at least here in NYC haha… but I messed up the time in the post, don’t know how :/

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Midweek tales!



Yes It’s me again, I am really into peace and love hahaha….

It’s Wednesday! The belly button of the week, it feels like the weekend is kind of close or at least that’s what I like to think…  belly button make me think about belly dance… bailamos!!!

A quick midweek dance over some Football Soccer tales!

♠ On my last post Real Madrid was about to play their first pre-season game against Bournemouth, it was the first chance to see Ancelotti’s team in action, and they didn’t disappoint with a 6-0 victory, it’s still early to tell how they will do during the regular season but base on the result and what the team did on the Pitch, it looks promising, at least for now.



In the transfer scenarios, the Bale case is still going on, so this is a to be continued…  and sadly or happily depending on your preference, Marca is reporting that in a couple of hours “El Pipita” Higuain will be heading to Naples, Italy, to sign for Napoli, if everything goes well his transfer will be done, in that case he scored his good-bye goal in the 6-0 win this past Sunday, Good bye Pipa… I’ll miss you!


♠ Moving on… When I heard that Tito Vilanova stepped down as Barcelona Manager, it was such a sad news, one thing is, if a coach leaves a team because he signs for another club, or when the head coach is remove meaning fired because of results or whatever, but his reason is just heartbreaking… He’s been fighting cancer for a while, and just when we all thought that he was well, the Club announced that he has to go back to treatment, it was sad, he stepped down as Barcelona’s head coach or Manager, to fight his most important game, defeating throat cancer, I am sending him prayers, good vibes and positivism…. life is soo fragile…

Jordi Roura, Carles Puyol and Lionel Messi at Friday's press conference. Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters

Jordi Roura, Carles Puyol and Lionel Messi at Friday’s press conference. Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters

The team was at the press room in a sign of support for who has been involved with the Club for many years including the Guardiola period and who has been their coach during the last seasons, but the Club said it, life goes on, and they have to get ready for next season, so after the news, the question was who was going to take the challenging mission of coaching one of the greatest Football Club in the world?…

Well after many speculations, and names flying up and down, coming in and out from many directions, the waiting wasn’t that long as the awaiting of the Royal Baby hehehe. The chosen one was the Argentinian Gerardo Martino known as “Tata” Martino, who will be given a two-year contract said the Club. It was some kind of surprise for many since his name wasn’t at the top of the list of the possible candidates, but he was well-known by Leo Messi and Leo’s  father, who might have put his name in the orbit and made some recommendations to Barcelona directives.


After  almost 30 years an Argentinian will be once again the head coach of Barcelona, he held his first press conference, in which he said that Barcelona already has a defined style and that they as a coach team are the ones that have to adapt to that style and work  day by day to feel comfortable and be up to the expectations.


♠ Both clubs have made major chances in their coach seat, we will have to see how this new season will unfold, seems we will have a very entertaining season, and if you add that next year is the World Cup, well you have an additional motivation for players to do their best to get that dreaming spot to wear and defend their national team jerseys!


Let’s bring the tales to our side of the pond….!!!

♠ I am full recovered from my national team El Salvador losing the quarterfinals game against a very good USA team in the Gold Cup, they played in Baltimore, in front of a very large group of Salvadoran fans, in fact I think it felt like the US team was a visitor in their own soil, but that didn’t help that 5-0 was painful to watch :(. It amazed me how we are not that good as other teams, but as you can see we support out national team unconditional, we feel part of the team and the nation even when we have never won any major tournament or event in a while or ever… but the fans are always there, no matter what, even if we probably know that we might lose they still will support and have the faith that there might be a chance, a miracle or a surprise, I just love that!!


No miracles or surprises this time, the USA team is playing very good, Landon Donovan in making all amendments to be back in the world cup qualifying roster, meaning the “A”  team after his brief vacations from soccer,  leading a very good team that has been able to keep up a wining streak even playing with their “B” team, they look strong and a serious contender to win this tournament…. Mexico is another story, they are trying to come out of a very bad period, draw games, not many victories but still they just got into semifinals so you can not take them out of the equation, we’ll see.


The Gold Cup will have semifinals today, USA vs Honduras and Mexico vs Panama. Might the forces be with the best ones, or with the ones that score the goals!


CONCACAF which means Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football, is not as competitive as other confederations such as Europe or South America CONMEBOL, but still is our region and they are trying to make improvements to make it more entertaining and more competitive, I think is a good thing, I hope they can keep growing with time and I hope they will try to keep improving,  there is still a lot, I mean a looot of room of improvement lol…

Let’s see how this will end up, if I have to pick, base on what I’ve seen I will say, USA and Panama will move on to the Final… predictions, predictions, predictions….

Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of the week if you want to comment don’t be shy feel free and let me know what you think!!


Pictures from Real Madrid facebook,, The, and, last one from google images.