Midweek tales!



Yes It’s me again, I am really into peace and love hahaha….

It’s Wednesday! The belly button of the week, it feels like the weekend is kind of close or at least that’s what I like to think…  belly button make me think about belly dance… bailamos!!!

A quick midweek dance over some Football Soccer tales!

♠ On my last post Real Madrid was about to play their first pre-season game against Bournemouth, it was the first chance to see Ancelotti’s team in action, and they didn’t disappoint with a 6-0 victory, it’s still early to tell how they will do during the regular season but base on the result and what the team did on the Pitch, it looks promising, at least for now.



In the transfer scenarios, the Bale case is still going on, so this is a to be continued…  and sadly or happily depending on your preference, Marca is reporting that in a couple of hours “El Pipita” Higuain will be heading to Naples, Italy, to sign for Napoli, if everything goes well his transfer will be done, in that case he scored his good-bye goal in the 6-0 win this past Sunday, Good bye Pipa… I’ll miss you!


♠ Moving on… When I heard that Tito Vilanova stepped down as Barcelona Manager, it was such a sad news, one thing is, if a coach leaves a team because he signs for another club, or when the head coach is remove meaning fired because of results or whatever, but his reason is just heartbreaking… He’s been fighting cancer for a while, and just when we all thought that he was well, the Club announced that he has to go back to treatment, it was sad, he stepped down as Barcelona’s head coach or Manager, to fight his most important game, defeating throat cancer, I am sending him prayers, good vibes and positivism…. life is soo fragile…

Jordi Roura, Carles Puyol and Lionel Messi at Friday's press conference. Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters

Jordi Roura, Carles Puyol and Lionel Messi at Friday’s press conference. Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters

The team was at the press room in a sign of support for who has been involved with the Club for many years including the Guardiola period and who has been their coach during the last seasons, but the Club said it, life goes on, and they have to get ready for next season, so after the news, the question was who was going to take the challenging mission of coaching one of the greatest Football Club in the world?…

Well after many speculations, and names flying up and down, coming in and out from many directions, the waiting wasn’t that long as the awaiting of the Royal Baby hehehe. The chosen one was the Argentinian Gerardo Martino known as “Tata” Martino, who will be given a two-year contract said the Club. It was some kind of surprise for many since his name wasn’t at the top of the list of the possible candidates, but he was well-known by Leo Messi and Leo’s  father, who might have put his name in the orbit and made some recommendations to Barcelona directives.


After  almost 30 years an Argentinian will be once again the head coach of Barcelona, he held his first press conference, in which he said that Barcelona already has a defined style and that they as a coach team are the ones that have to adapt to that style and work  day by day to feel comfortable and be up to the expectations.


♠ Both clubs have made major chances in their coach seat, we will have to see how this new season will unfold, seems we will have a very entertaining season, and if you add that next year is the World Cup, well you have an additional motivation for players to do their best to get that dreaming spot to wear and defend their national team jerseys!


Let’s bring the tales to our side of the pond….!!!

♠ I am full recovered from my national team El Salvador losing the quarterfinals game against a very good USA team in the Gold Cup, they played in Baltimore, in front of a very large group of Salvadoran fans, in fact I think it felt like the US team was a visitor in their own soil, but that didn’t help that 5-0 was painful to watch :(. It amazed me how we are not that good as other teams, but as you can see we support out national team unconditional, we feel part of the team and the nation even when we have never won any major tournament or event in a while or ever… but the fans are always there, no matter what, even if we probably know that we might lose they still will support and have the faith that there might be a chance, a miracle or a surprise, I just love that!!


No miracles or surprises this time, the USA team is playing very good, Landon Donovan in making all amendments to be back in the world cup qualifying roster, meaning the “A”  team after his brief vacations from soccer,  leading a very good team that has been able to keep up a wining streak even playing with their “B” team, they look strong and a serious contender to win this tournament…. Mexico is another story, they are trying to come out of a very bad period, draw games, not many victories but still they just got into semifinals so you can not take them out of the equation, we’ll see.


The Gold Cup will have semifinals today, USA vs Honduras and Mexico vs Panama. Might the forces be with the best ones, or with the ones that score the goals!


CONCACAF which means Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football, is not as competitive as other confederations such as Europe or South America CONMEBOL, but still is our region and they are trying to make improvements to make it more entertaining and more competitive, I think is a good thing, I hope they can keep growing with time and I hope they will try to keep improving,  there is still a lot, I mean a looot of room of improvement lol…

Let’s see how this will end up, if I have to pick, base on what I’ve seen I will say, USA and Panama will move on to the Final… predictions, predictions, predictions….

Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of the week if you want to comment don’t be shy feel free and let me know what you think!!


Pictures from Real Madrid facebook, Marca.com, The Guardian.co.uk, FCBarcelona.com and FoxSoccer.com, last one from google images.