A new Blogging Year!!

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Happy New Year!! … in the middle of March, never too late!!

I was part of the Santa crew and then I took some months of, Santa is not an easy boss…ha! I was a very hard-working reindeer, ok I was not a reindeer but it would have been fun though.

Life is really a journey, like a movie with different plots and when you live in another country sometimes the plots often get very interesting and more surprising that what you would have expected and usually the they take more time to resolve as well. What remain constant is the love for sports, and my passion for football soccer, which makes everything’s more normal than what it is sometimes.


Yes adapting to new places and culture takes time, accomplish things  also takes time and well when you live abroad you get a lot of plot twist, but it is all good,  like my fellow Italian will say; piano piano si arriva a lontano… or in English could be; slow but steady!

So here I am starting a new blogging year, so much to catch up, Champions League is good, Chelsea was eliminated by PSG in one of the first surprises at this stage, Real Madrid was close to say good-bye too but was saved by Cristiano Ronaldo and probably the clock, all very dramatic.


Formula One is about to start a new season, it is almost race time!! This season is going to be interesting to see how all the changes and drivers move will impact the competition. Fernando Alonso got injured after a crash, he will miss the first race but he will be back in the following races, which I think after the accident he probably is happy about missing just one race, things could have been a lot worst.

Major League Soccer started their new season and New York City is going to be full of soccer with two teams in the competition, NYCFC and NY Red Bulls, this should be fun. And I am looking forward to see Raul playing for COSMOS too, he is a legend, some of the records players like Cristiano and Messi are breaking right now were or are his.


NYCFC is a new team, David Villa and Mix Diskeruds are some of their stars, they are waiting on Frank Lampard’s arrival around mid season, all playing together for the first time and making Club history, although historic and all playing at Yankee Stadium is going to be a bit tricky, we will see.  NY Red Bulls without Tim Cahill, Thierry Henry  and with a new coach that got everyone by surprise, entered this season with lots of changes, it would be interesting to see how they will adapt, and I do like their stadium is very comfy.

If you have been following me on twitter you know that I  have been very much involved and have followed all things sports related, some more than others but I’ve been present there, but now it is all about sports blogging again!!


Thanks for reading and stopping by all this time, let me know what do you think about what is going on with Real Madrid and if you are ready for a new F1 season?… If you live in NY, what team will you be supporting?? … let it go in the comment areas or let me know on twitter: @MonikjHerrera.

Have a great weekend!

I feel that after this long absent I should leave you with some funny pictures…

Pictures thanks to memesdeportes.com. and google.com


Saturday’s Flashback Soccer!… Congrats to the LA Galaxy! MLS Champions!


Congratulations to the LA Galaxy for their fifth MLS Cup title!!

December is not only the last month of the year but also the month of the Major League Soccer final. This year the LA Galaxy won a very emotional title after Robbie Keane scored the game-wining goal, their fifth in their history, becoming the first and only team to accomplished that impressive milestone, #FirtstoFive was the trending hashtag among their fans. The victory was their third title in four years a very difficult and special achievement, only done before by D.C United, therefore Congratulations for an incredible and fun season for the team and the fans!!

Emotional was indeed taking into consideration that Landon Donovan announced his retirement long ago and all his fans were counting down the days until his last game, and he couldn’t ask for a better send off, wining his seventh and last championship,  retiring as the top player in USA soccer history, he is by far the best player this nation has produced for many reasons, including, accomplishments, character and relevance that he has brought to the sport called soccer,  even some controversial moments will remain as part of his legacy!


A legacy that is mostly positive and has earned him the title and prestige of being called the best US soccer player, a true legend of the sport in this country, and a favorite for all LA Galaxy fans, and the club where he played most of his career.

The LA Galaxy made it to the final by defeating a good Seattle Sounder team to win the western conference, as one of the most accomplished teams in MLS, with ninth MLS Cup finals, a league record, the expectations for the LA Galaxy are always high, whether fans outside Los Angeles like it or not.


On the other side NE Revolution had a tough semifinal against the NY red bulls and  Thierry Henry one of the most accomplish player in MLS history who later announced his retirement from all US soccer, his last game in US soil was intense and entertaining, at the end NE Revolution won the Easter conference title and left the NY Red Bulls and Thierry Henry with a feeling that they gave it all during a second leg match that was  intense and with good quality.

The semifinal might have been tough but they won it, a contrast with their MLS Cup final, the fifth time they reached the final and once again for the fifth time they couldn’t win, that must have been hurtful and difficult to digest, but the good news for them is that football doesn’t give you too much time to grief or feel sorry about, as soon as you finish one season the work for the next one starts.


Next season is just a few months away and it would be interesting. A new season without Landon Donovan nor Thierry Henry and with two new teams,  Orlando City Soccer Club and New York City FC, both have added to their brand new rosters some well-known and accomplished, a bit older but still elite players like David Villa, Frank Lampard and Kaka, they might not be in their prime time anymore, but they might still have some class to show and contribute to the league, only time will tell.

Compelling times for MLS and I am happy to get more involved with this upcoming new season!  The good news for all New Yorkers, now, instead of one they get two teams and maybe a rivalry?… what is for sure is that they get more football. The Red Bulls Arena is a nice and beautiful stadium and now  you can add to your NYC football places the Yankee Stadium, that’s a lot of history that now will include a bit of football or let’s say soccer in their legacy!


Thanks for reading and stopping by, let me know what do you think, who will be the next Donovan? Or no one can replace him as a symbol of U.S soccer? What about the new signed players like Villa, Lampard, etc are they too old to play in MLS,  it will help or make it worst??

Ok enough questions… Just let me know your though if you want you can do it in the comments or to my twitter @MonikJHerrera

Pictures from; mine, LATimes.com, revolutionsoccer.net, socceryanks.com. NYCFC facebook page.

Bad break up stories!

Hello there!

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Relationship breaking, talking about your ex… and homecomings, sound more like high school than the Sport World lol

Now that we are talking about break ups, probably most of us have gone throughout one once, or more than once… The single world can be tough… don’t worry I wont vent my love life, not here maybe in my other blog haha

Real Madrid broke up their relationship with José Mourinho at the end of last season, after many rumors of a broken locker room and his public spat with some players like Pepe and Cristiano Ronaldo, but specially the one with Real Madrid’s captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas.


Despite all rumors the break up was a mutual agreement and looked civil, he wanted to go back to England, and he signed to Coach Chelsea FC.

Sometimes the break ups are not over when you said your good-byes, the best or worst comes after… depending on the parts involve, and I guess we couldn’t expect less from Mourinho, he was going to give his thoughts about his former club the question was when??

The first stage of the post break up in some cases is; Talk about your ex…


He didn’t make us wait too much, he started by hitting his ex-team in an interview with ESPN;

 “Madrid is a special club. It is not just a club. Madrid is politics. Madrid is not about football, Madrid is not about sport, but about many [other] things around,” he said.

“Elections in that club mean a lot and we were in the middle of things that were not normal and only people that are inside can understand what it is.”


He also talked about his Portuguese compatriot by declaring hat “the real Ronaldo” was the former Brazil striker, Mou was a translator and assistant coach for Barcelona during the time Ronaldo (Brazilian) played with Barça.

Today Cristiano had his first press conference, and of course the media asked him, this was his response;

“I prefer to remember the good things from coaches. I don’t spit on the plate from which I eat and I don’t speak about people who say bad things about me” … ouch..

“We are going to face Chelsea, not their coach. It is another warm-up game and we hope to win it so we can start La Liga in the best manner possible.”

I guess his response gave him the first round….


A good news for Ronaldo, Marca.com reported today, that his contract renewal with the team is done, he will renew with Real Madrid for 5 more years and he will make 17 millions per year, one million more than Messi according to the Spanish news paper… I guess that’s important?… ;/ lol. I mentioned it before I knew he was going to renew he just wanted to feel loved by the fans, the club and his teammates, with this he will remain as the star of the Club and the Marketing machine for the whites!

I think we all want the season to start so we can move to the real competitions, as for now,  Mou and Ronaldo will face each other in the International Champions Cup final on Wednesday in Miami, a pre-season friendly tournament, a final that it won’t mean anything and it shouldn’t but for sure it has been warm up more than necessary, it’s pre-season!!!

Let’s see if this will remain in friendly terms… I tell you break ups are not easy! :/ hehe


In local news, the surprise this past days was the news of Clint Dempsey returning to the MLS, he was playing in Tottenham in the EPL, and he decided that it was time to come back…

I guess welcome back!! It was kind of weird consider that he has overcome many obstacles there and had a somehow successful career abroad and it’s not that he is in his latest days as a player,  usually most of the players that have an international career come to the MLS to end their careers,  oook we can debate that, but is usually how it’s known in Europe, and it has work that way for a while, they  come and give some burst to U.S soccer league and make it more competitive. We all can agree that it has gotten better but usually a player will rather play in more competitive leagues in Europe.


He made a decision, he signed with the Seattle Sounders, some say that he might have  considered the possibility of not getting enough minutes in Tottenham’s lineup, and with the World Cup so close he didn’t want to put his spot in the National team in danger or create any doubts, for sure he is expected to have more minutes in the MLS… we’ll see

So Welcome home!

The seasons are about to start in Eurpe wohooo!!, thanks God!! Maybe all this high school dramas will go away, or they’ll get bigger who knows, but we will have the competitions, the excitement and the nerve-racking moments that we all enjoy during a regular season! And of course we’ll have all the fun!!!


This gif is just too much!!  hahahaha

Thank for reading!! Have a great week, I hope it will be drama-free and just nice and enjoyable moments!!

Comments?? Feel free to leave some!

Pictures mine, Real Madrid Facebook page, ChelseaFC.com, MLS.com,  and Google.com (Images).